The First AI-accessible Software Automation Studio

Sparrow AI is a fully automated software studio that brings simplicity, agility, and rapid deployment to healthcare technology initiatives. Rising above traditional SDLC bottlenecks, Sparrow’s no-code authoring platform enables “on the fly” creation of quality software, giving product owners complete control over their own technical outcomes and quickly pushing projects through the innovation pipeline.

By removing territorial IT hurdles as a barrier to innovation,


allows product teams to focus entirely on the solution rather than the technologies or process required to build it.

President, SPARROW.AI

Give Rise to the Solutions Side of Healthcare Technology

Why does technology have to be so technical? Why do so many software initiatives trip over themselves—never making it to the finish line?

For healthcare systems seeking digital transformation, Sparrow AI is a gamechanger, reducing time, cost, and hassles associated with typical IT endeavors. For enterprise-level healthcare initiatives, Sparrow AI helps to overcome the complex hurdles. It’s time to move forward with meaningful and lasting innovation.