About Sparrow

Transforming Healthcare Technology

A Clear & Present Need

Every year in the U.S., between $750 to $935 billion is wasted across the U.S. healthcare system.1 With technology making up 40% to 50% of the annual cost increases in U.S. healthcare2, the need to innovate in smarter and more effective ways is imperative.

Sparrow AI directly addresses this critical need to innovate faster, build for the future, and drive improved, more affordable healthcare outcomes.

Breaking Down the Technology Barrier

Rising Above the Complexities of Healthcare

Why does technology have to be so technical? Why do so many software initiatives trip over themselves—never making it to the finish line?

For healthcare systems seeking digital transformation, Sparrow AI is a gamechanger, reducing time, cost, and hassles associated with typical IT endeavors. It’s time to move forward with meaningful and lasting innovation.

By 2025, the healthcare industry will spend over

$34 billion

on AI-powered technology3 and Sparrow AI will help fuel this transformation.

The Sparrow AI Story

Experts in Healthcare Technology

Positioned as the first software automation studio focused on the healthcare industry, Sparrow AI is defining a new marketspace beyond no-code authoring applications.

An entirely new paradigm for SDLC, Sparrow AI empowers healthcare implementors and project teams, providing “on the fly’ software development that is completely focused on the end solution, not the technological process to get there.

With headquarters in Austin, Texas, the Sparrow AI executive team brings world-class frontline healthcare and medtech experience to oversee Sparrow’s strategy and operations. This hands-on industry experience is unique to most software firms of our kind. The Sparrow AI SaaS model is fully supported by training, tech support and consulting services.

Our Culture

Obsessed with the Solution

At Sparrow, a dedication to each other, our families and our values creates an environment in which positive outcomes become second nature. Our unique ethos not only produces quality healthcare products, but gets them to market faster. How? It takes “F.O.C.U.S” to create such an impact.

We have Fun.

We find true joy in creating and building to make a positive impact on the world. Everyone at Sparrow has a seat at the head of the ‘idea table.’ But we also love to have fun away from our computers. We celebrate all the weirdness of Austin, TX whenever we can. If you can’t find us in the hat shop on SoCo or enjoying our weekend brisket and Texas football, you’ll catch us on Lake Travis! We love who we are, and who we are is fueled by fun.

We are Outgoing.

Healthcare equity is a passion of ours and our partners. Yet, the US has the least efficient and effective healthcare system on the planet. It’s going to take all of us to fix that, so we’re starting in our own backyard. We engage with the healthcare community by sponsoring events in nursing innovation, holding hackathons, and sometimes, simply just helping others in this space get where they want to go. We believe what we give, is what we get – so we want it to be positive. We are in the healthcare game to do one thing: help people get better, faster. Sparrow will lead the way.

We are Committed.

We have an obligation to our partners and to getting the job done. We are a company of people inspired by our commitment to others. This means sometimes, the price tag has to come last so the partnership can come first. We expect our sparrows to give nothing less so our partners get nothing less. We will never say ‘no’ and we always back our work 100%.

We are Unselfish.

We were raised in Texas, and like any good Texan, we know how important it is to help your neighbor. We are a dedicated member of the Austin community. Our charity starts here, at home. Selflessness must go hand in hand with healthcare. It’s always about the person – or patient- next to you.

We set the Standard.

We hold ourselves to a very high standard – to be THE model for software innovation. We deliver high quality software and services on time. What we build works - Every. Single. Time. If our partners experience anything less, we fix it faster than it will take to explain it to us.


Over the next decade, the healthcare industry will tackle the challenge of digital transformation, playing catch-up with many forward thinking industries. As it does,


will help empower the solutions side of healthcare, allowing innovation to truly take flight.

Paul Robke,


As the visionary and innovator behind Sparrow AI, Paul Robke brings over 25 years of software engineering and enterprise-level software systems implementation to the challenge of healthcare technology. Paul’s ability to think analytically and abstractly while always working toward a clear and concrete solution has resulted in several advancements to the software development processes he has deployed over the years. His understanding and emphasis of QMS/testing is unmistakably evident in Sparrow’s DNA. Working with both industry-leading corporations and disruptive tech start-ups, Paul has a proven record of breaking down traditional project siloes to build effective and fluid software development teams. Today, Paul’s mission is to transform healthcare technology through software automation and the power of AI.


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